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Attorneys Vinse Barrett, Jimmy Fasig, Dana Brooks and Mark Nonni show their legal skills every week on WCTV's Law Call, a legal call-in show where the attorneys answer legal questions live on the air. WCTV's Law Call is the first legal call-in show to air in Tallahassee. It is consistently at the top of the ratings and showcases the best attorneys from across North Florida. Our lawyers are the only lawyers who appear on the program every week.

Tallahassee Personal Injury & Auto Accident Attorneys

If you’re facing significant financial costs and other losses after an accident, a legal professional can be an invaluable asset. An attorney can act as an advocate on your behalf, working to secure the compensation that you deserve. In the event that you have suffered an injury, understand we are here to listen to your case and help you craft a solid and compelling claim to secure due payment.

We Work With All Personal Injury Claims

We understand that life is uncertain and that routine activities may result in devastating injuries or property damage. In this case, we will work tirelessly to determine the liable party and help you file a claim for damages, no matter how you suffered your injury.

We work with clients with claims in these practice areas:

How Our Approach Can Help You

Facing the legal system alone can be a daunting task, especially without prior legal knowledge that can aid you in the process. That is why we are committed to using our experience and knowledge of the legal system to benefit your case and help you recover damages.

We can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove to an insurance provider that you should be compensated for your injuries. In the event that the provider attempts to pay you an inadequate amount or even tries to avoid paying you altogether, we can capitalize on this event by making them fear a bad faith claim, which would result in further compensationpaid to you. Whatever the situation may be, we can utilize our collective knowledge and experience to help you acquire fair payment.

There is No Time to Waste

Filing a Tallahassee personal injury claim and navigating through the legal system may seem frightening, and some may wish to delay the process as they recover. But the longer you wait to begin the process of filing a claim, the more time you will be forced to go without compensation to help you cover the costs of your injuries or the property damage you may have sustained.

Under Florida law, you only have a set amount of time to begin filing a claim before you are barred from doing so forever. The statute of limitations on each type of case varies, so speak with an attorney immediately to avoid missing the deadline to file your claim.

Contact the Attorneys at Barrett, Fasig & Brooks Today

If you have suffered a serious injury, it is imperative that you speak with a legal professional who will work aggressively on your behalf. At Barrett, Fasig & Brooks, we have 30 years of personal injury experience serving the people of Tallahassee and the surrounding areas, and we would be happy to help you with your case. Feel free to call us today at 850-224-3310.

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