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Recent Blog Posts


Jury Duty: A Lawyer’s Perspective

By Dana Brooks Cooper |

by Dana Brooks Cooper I got so excited recently when I opened the mail to find my biennial jury summons.  I’m one of those people who seems to get summoned every other year.  But unlike most, I actually look forward to it. Most trials are criminal cases, not civil.  I’m a civil trial lawyer,… Read More »


What you need to know about the proposed changes to the car insurance requirements in Florida

By Kimberly Hogan |

by Kimberly M. Hogan The Florida Legislature is considering changing the minimum security requirements for Florida motor vehicle insurance policies. What does that mean?  The type of automobile insurance coverage you are required to have might change. We are so excited about this!  Here’s why: What are the minimum security requirements now? Currently, Florida… Read More »


Did a vaccination make you sick? You may be a victim and not even know it

By Jaeson W. Homola |

by Jaeson W. Homola Over the past few years I’ve seen a rise in the number of establishments that are willing to provide low cost or no cost (with insurance) flu shots to their customers.  Many of these places (nationwide pharmacy chains in particular) heavily advertise the vaccine as a quick, easy, low cost… Read More »


Tales from the vault: A car crash, a shooting, and a baby

By Harry Graham |

by Harry Graham As a trial lawyer, many of our cases are relatively straightforward: a defendant’s negligence has injured our client and we work to make them as whole as possible with a settlement or jury verdict.  The only real issue in those cases is the extent of our client’s damages.  However, occasionally there… Read More »


Transgender Law

By E. Rose Kasweck |

by E. Rose Kasweck You may have seen that the Trump administration recently withdrew federal protections for transgender students under Title IX. The protections, issued under guidance from the Obama administration to public schools and universities, interpreted Title IX to mean that students should be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds to their… Read More »


Rules of the Road: Motorcycles 101

By Carrie Roane |

by Carrie Mendrick Roane Before most of my free time became consumed with attending and coaching my young boys’ soccer games, I was an active motorcyclist.  I even conquered the Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap on my own bike – a Suzuki SV 650.  (For those that aren’t familiar with the Tail… Read More »


President Trump’s Executive Orders: Recap of Sunday’s Law Call

By James Fasig |

Sunday’s Law Call was one of the best we’ve had; so good that I wanted to recap a few of the important points.  I also wanted to add some insight I received from our guest before the show, interesting stuff we didn’t get a chance to explain during the show.  Professor Mark Seidenfeld joined… Read More »


Leon County Personal Injury Attorneys: Why Venue Matters

By James Fasig |

by James Fasig Many people don’t realize the importance of venue in the handling of a personal injury case.  In a legal context, venue refers to the location of the courthouse.  Every venue has its own idiosyncrasies, and it’s important for an attorney to know the venue in which he or she is litigating… Read More »


When “Full Coverage” on your auto insurance isn’t actually full coverage (and what types of coverage do I really need to buy?)

By Tony Fusco |

by Tony Fusco “Full Coverage” does not mean Full Coverage. In fact it is one of the most confusing terms used by the Auto Insurance Industry. As a personal injury attorney, the most common thing I hear from my clients when I ask them what kind of automobile insurance they have is that they… Read More »


I Was Injured by a Drunk Driver – Is the Bar At Fault?

By Jaeson W. Homola |

by Jaeson W. Homola Tallahassee is a college town. With three college campuses within its city limits, Tallahassee is home to tens of thousands of college students when school is in session.  It is no secret that college students tend to frequent bars and nightclubs no more often than any other demographic.  For that… Read More »

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