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Bar Fight? What You Should Know

It’s Friday night, and you’re going to have a good time. You pull on a great pair of shoes and that shirt that makes you look fit, and you head out to the local pub. You’re expecting a drink, maybe to meet up with friends or family, to grab some nachos, and maybe, if someone drags you out there, to try and have a little fun on the dance floor. You’re expecting an enjoyable night, and maybe some adventure. But a bar fight? That only happens in movies. Right?

Wrong. Where people consume alcohol, violence can always occur. Strangers’ paths cross, tempers can flare, and even the most mild-mannered and responsible of citizens can become victims of assault, battery, or violence in a bar or pub. Injuries can range from a few bruises to critical condition, and the injured can even be labeled the “responsible” party simply for being involved or having a drink. A good night out could become a nightmare.

If you’ve been beat up, injured, or victimized in a bar by a patron, a bouncer, or someone else, there are a few things you should know.

Businesses’ Responsibilities

First, assault in a bar or pub is different from assault that takes place somewhere else. In a bar, club, or other location that serves alcohol in Florida, the owners must take steps to ensure the property is safe. This may include staffing bouncers or security personnel, installing video cameras, supervising customers, or other precautions. If someone is injured in a bar fight or assault, the owners of the establishment may be responsible for failing to secure the venue as required by law.

Your Rights

Second, innocent individuals can and do get caught up in bar fights. While films and television shows portray bar fight participants as violent outlaws, the average beer-sipper can easily fall victim to an overly aggressive bouncer or a dangerously drunk customer. You don’t surrender your rights at the bar’s threshold. If you’ve been injured in a fight in a bar or club, you may not be at fault. Indeed, you may stand to recover compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost employment wages, or other losses. Don’t let a rogue business, an irresponsible bouncer, or anyone else convince you that you have no rights to pursue a claim. Even if you had been drinking, you may not be the legally responsible party.

Our Help

Third, if you’ve been injured in a bar fight, you’ve likely already taken a few blows. There’s no need to continue the fight alone. Options may be available to you to ensure that you are not blamed for an unfortunate incident, as well as to be compensated for your injury.

If you need help recovering compensation after a fight in the Tallahassee area, call us today at Barrett, Fasig & Brooks. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and advocating aggressively on your behalf.

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