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Recent Blog Posts


Why you might not be able to sue for medical malpractice, even if a doctor makes a mistake (and why you need to be your own advocate)

By E. Rose Kasweck |

Imagine you called a medical malpractice attorney with the following story: “I had a terrible sudden pain in my abdomen and started vomiting uncontrollably. I went to ER and they told me it was just food poisoning and to go home and rest and drink fluids and to go see my regular doctor in… Read More »


Congress set to vote on H.R. 1215, bill limits rights of injured citizens

By Lucy Lloyd |

Although H.R. 1215 is named the “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017,” it will, if enacted, limit the rights of injured citizens. As we have seen all too often, legislators are more interested in serving the needs of health care and insurance companies than the consumer. One of the most treasured rights we… Read More »


The Truth About Personal Injury Lawyers (And Cases)

By James Fasig |

When I first decided to attend law school, I had no interest in being a personal injury lawyer.  I believed the narrative (crafted and heavily promoted by insurance companies) that personal injury lawyers are greedy and dishonest, and that most personal injury plaintiffs are frauds.  After my first semester of law school, I sent… Read More »


When the lawsuit ends: Understanding the emotional aftermath

By Dana Brooks Cooper |

You two went to battle together; maybe even war. She saw you at your worst and you saw her try to do her best in spite of it.  In the end, you probably got a result you can live with. It might not have been what you wanted. It may not even be what… Read More »

Health Insurance Bills

How do medical bills get paid after a car crash?

By Tony Fusco |

If you are injured in a car crash or truck accident, how do your medical bills get paid? Who pays your medical bills? It’s a multi-step process, and can get complicated. Here’s how it works: In Florida, your car insurance will pay for 80% of your medical bills, up to $10,000 (only $2,500 if… Read More »


Why do I need health insurance if I have car insurance?

By Tony Fusco |

Many of my clients are surprised to learn that the insurance company which insures the driver who hit them won’t immediately pay for their medical care after their accident. Instead, my clients have to go through a claims process to prove that the medical treatment they received after their accident was solely related to… Read More »


By Lucy Lloyd |

New law eliminating tax on feminine hygiene products doesn’t address restitution Tallahassee, FL, June 6, 2017– ‘Tampon Tax’ lawsuit seeks repayment of previously collected taxes on feminine hygiene products as well as elimination of the tax; new law sidesteps issue of repayment of unconstitutional tax to Florida women. Almost one year after a lawsuit… Read More »


Holding Businesses Accountable: Attorneys vs Regulations

By Dana Brooks Cooper |

by Dana Brooks Cooper Regulation Isn’t Working – That’s Why We Need Lawsuits One thing many Republicans and Democrats seem to agree – at least those who own businesses – is that American businesses are overly burdened by excessive regulation. They believe that too many government mandates don’t demonstrate a measured increase in safety,… Read More »


Workplace Bullying: What You Should Know (And Do)

By Dana Brooks Cooper |

by Carrie Mendrick Roane Bullying in the workplace, or at least our awareness of it, has become much more prevalent in recent years.  It is therefore important that we – employees and employers alike – be educated on what workplace bullying is, how to prevent it, and what legal recourse is available in Florida… Read More »


Case Study: Condo Slip and Fall

By Kimberly Hogan |

by Kimberly Stewart A few years back, I had a client who slipped and fell on condensation in the lobby of a condominium complex.   The floor was tile and the lobby had no air conditioning to speak of.  Talk about a recipe for disaster in humid Florida!  We thought that the condominium was aware… Read More »

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