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Tampon Tax: Women Working To Change Their World

Cosmopolitan has an in-depth article on several women who are currently working to end the tampon tax. While our client and her case against the State of Florida isn’t mentioned in the article, it’s exciting to see the growing consensus that women deserve “menstrual equity.”

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf had her own lightbulb moment on New Year’s Day 2015. An attorney and VP of development at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, she had just taken a swim with the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, kicking off the year with a plunge into the icy Atlantic. Afterward, she spotted exactly the kind of solicitation that Holly Sanchez is working to popularize. “I saw a flyer seeking donations for tampons and pads for our community food pantry,” she says. “I was transfixed by the idea and wondered why everyone didn’t know about this basic need. It seemed like such a solvable problem.”

Ever since then, she’s been working to do just that. With a little digging, she discovered that not only do many American women lack access to period essentials, but in 40 states, feminine-hygiene products were being taxed while in some states equivalent items like TP, medical supplies, and birth control are tax-free. “It’s so patently unfair,” she says, “and it affects half the population.”

You can read the full article here.