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Tallahassee Car Accident Injury Attorney

Getting compensation for your Tallahassee car crash injuries

Recovering compensation in Florida requires proving that your injuries are permanent. Some severe auto accident injuries will unquestionably cause lifetime disability, but other injuries require the use of expert testimony to prove that their effects are permanent. It may be clear to you that your injuries will limit your activities, perhaps even preventing you from working and supporting your family, but proving it in court requires experience.

We have that experience at Barrett, Fasig & Brooks. While each client’s injuries are unique, many have similar symptoms, treatments and long-term consequences. Our car accident attorneys are familiar with these injuries and attentive to the specific ways they affect each client. We know the real impact they’ve made on your life and what a just and fair compensation should be.

Proving permanent injury

As a leading auto accident law firm in Florida, we have the experience and resources that can help make the strongest case given the severity of your injuries. We’re also continually developing the most innovative and effective ways to make our clients’ cases in court. Our method focuses on:

  • Knowing the law — We’ve handled thousands of cases involving a wide range of injuries, so we’ve developed a keen judgment about how to pursue the best compensation under Florida law.
  • Knowing the real impact of injuries — We make it a point to understand how a client’s injury affects their lives. We know that each client’s case is unique, so we focus on how the injury affects you.
  • Knowing the right medical experts — With more than 30 years in practice, we’ve built a network of respected medical experts who can explain the severity and persistent nature of a client’s injuries to a jury.

Our Tallahassee car accident attorneys can help you get compensated for your injuries

At Barrett, Fasig & Brooks, we’re ready to put our years of experience and network of resources to work getting you what you’ll need to manage your car crash injuries. We offer contingency fee arrangements. Please call or text us at 850-224-3310 to schedule your free initial consultation or contact us online. Seeing that we know you may be in a great deal of pain or still cannot get about easily, we’re available for home and hospital visits as well.

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