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Tallahassee DUI Injury Attorney

The law offers additional options

Because drunk driving is against Florida law, a person who has suffered injuries in an accident with a drunk driver has additional recovery options. An accident lawyer in our Tallahassee office can help get an injured client the greatest recovery the law allows. For more than 30 years, Barrett, Fasig & Brooks has helped deserving clients put their lives back together.

Experience that gets swift results

We’ve developed a method to get the best results for our clients in the shortest amount of time. We know it’s important to have a fair and swift recovery, so we focus on two main tasks. First, we maximize recovery by insisting on having all the facts and identifying all the parties that bear responsibility for the car crash. Second, we assert our clients’ legal rights to arrive at a swift resolution. Our method specifically utilizes the following:

  • Punitive damages — Florida law permits the recovery of punitive damages against a drunk driver. We assert our client’s full rights and demand that punitive damages be a part of his or her injury compensation.
  • Third-party liability — Florida law allows recovery against individuals and businesses that sell alcohol to minors or to people known to be habitually addicted to alcohol. We’ll get the facts straight and create a timeline of events that led up to the crash to showcase the additional carelessness that contributed to our client’s injuries.
  • Expedited results — Experience has shown us that the best way to serve our clients is by helping them move past this troubling episode in their lives. We know how to manage big insurance companies and get you the recovery you deserve.

Our Tallahassee DUI accident attorneys are ready to help you get the most for your injuries

At Barrett, Fasig & Brooks, our auto accident attorneys are committed to helping people recover from the difficulties a drunk driver has brought into their lives. We offer contingency fee arrangements. Call or text us at 850-224-3310 for your free initial consultation, or contact us online.

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