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Tallahassee Car Accident Attorney

Have you been in a Tallahassee car accident?

A car accident seriously can impact your life. Of course, the damage to your vehicle will need to be fixed. If you suffered physical injuries in the accident, you may be in pain, unable to work and facing overwhelming medical expenses.

Getting your life back in order is hard enough without the additional burden of trying to determine how the accident happened and who’s to blame. Even if it’s fairly clear that the damage to your property and your physical injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, it may still be difficult to get the appropriate compensation.

That’s what we do for our clients at Barrett, Fasig & Brooks. With many years of experience litigating auto accident cases, our attorneys listen to our clients’ needs, evaluate the facts of their case and get them the just and swift compensation they deserve, contact our Tallahassee car accident attorneys today.

Our Car Accident Attorneys can help

Based in Tallahassee, our car accident lawyers have handled thousands of accident cases, recovering millions of dollars for clients. We pride ourselves on our client-centered approach:

  • We know what matters — Many things happen in the moments leading to and following a motor vehicle accident. We know what’s most important and can sift through all the facts to assemble a clear and compelling timeline of events.
  • We focus on your specific needs — We know that an accident dramatically can impact a client’s life. We listen to clients and get to know exactly how they’ve been affected. It’s a natural part of getting clients the compensation they’ll need to be able to move past the damage they’ve suffered.
  • We have experience that counts — We know that having a case and making that case are not the same. We’ve been making the case for thousands of clients throughout Florida and getting them what they’ll need to rebuild their lives.

Call our Tallahassee car accident lawyers to discuss your car accident

We’re ready to help guide you through the difficult process that begins the moment after the accident. We’re available for home and hospital visits, or you can schedule a free initial consultation. Call or text Barrett, Fasig & Brooks at 850-224-3310 or contact us online.

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